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Aerobika OPEP Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure Therapy System- Aerobika Therapy System

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Part Number:62510
Regain your quality of life with the Aerobika Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure OPEP respiratory therapy device by Monaghan Medical. This PEP Therapy System creates pressure in the lungs to keep the airway from closing and help move mucus into the larger airway where it may be coughed out. This therapy system is life changing for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, (COPD) pneumonia, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis and cystic fibrosis. The Aerobika device naturally opens weak or collapsed airways to allow for more oxygen intake without medication. Movement of mucus has been clinically proven to decrease cough frequency and breathlessness. Individuals with COPD who use this device have found an increased exercise tolerance to allow for a more active lifestyle and better quality of life.

The small ergonomic design helps users easily hold the Aerobika OPEP in the palm of their hand. As the user exhales through the Aerobika flutter valve, they will feel short pulses of resistance against exhaled breath as the mucus loosens and encourages forceful "huff" coughs, (coughs produced by using stomach muscles to make a series of rapid exhalations with the airway open). The inside valve that provides the positive pressure has five resistance settings. Users can switch between higher and lower settings of positive pressure to find the right amount pressure for their needs.

Aerobika OPEP device features a standard 22mm fitting that may be used in conjunction with the AeroEclipse Breath Actuated Nebulizer or other small volume nebulizers. Using the OPEP device along with a nebulizer may reduce therapy time.

The Aerobika OPEP device is designed for regular use up to six months in either a home or hospital setting. The device is designed for easy disassembly for cleaning. It is recommended that users clean their device daily and the materials are dishwasher safe.
Features, Benefits, Specifications, How to Use, Disassemble Instructions, Cleaning Directions, Videos

Features and Benefits:

    Provides Drug-Free Airway Clearance
    User-Friendly Device
    Ergonomic Handle Design
    Shorter Treatment
    Inexpensive Device
    Easy-to-Clean and Reassemble
    Dishwasher Safe
    Opens Weak/Collapsed Airways
    Breaks Up Mucus
    Five Resistance Settings
    Increases User's Ability to Exercise
    Clinically Proven
    Decreases Coughing
    Decreases Breathlessness
    Supports Hospital COPD Management Protocols


    Manufacturer: Monaghan Medical
    Item Number: 62510
    HCPCS: E0484
    Standard 22 mm Nebulizer Fitting
    Five Resistance Settings
    Brochure for Aerobika (OPEP)

How to Use:

    Consult with a healthcare professional to obtain resistance setting. Gently press the two halves together to engage the attachment tabs.
    Treatments are recommended to be performed in a comfortable seated position.
    Begin by placing the mouthpiece into the mouth and keep lips down to form a seal. Hold the device on the bottom to make sure hand doesn't block the exhalation path at the top.
    Inhale through the device but don't fully fill your lungs as you take a deep breath. Hold breath for at least three seconds before releasing breath.
    Exhale very slowly through the device while keeping cheeks flat and firm and always maintain a seal. The exhalation should be at least 3-4x the length of the initial inhalation. Keep your cheeks flat and firm to maximize treatment effectiveness.
    Continue this process for 10-20 breaths, or as instructed by doctor. Hold off on coughing until after the tenth breath. Then transition to a "huff" cough to actively get the mucus moving with a cough.
    Repeat as directed by doctor. This process should be performed at least twice a day on a regular basis. For users with a lot of mucus, it's recommended to perform this 3-4 times per day.
    Caution: While performing treatment, if you feel dizzy or lightheaded, or have signs of discomfort make sure to discontinue therapy treatment and consult with your doctor.

Disassemble Instructions:

    Hold in the attachment tabs on the side of the device and gently pull up on the case until the two parts release and separate the device.
    Remove the valve cartridge but do not disassemble any part of the cartridge.

Cleaning Instructions:

    Take device apart pressing the attachment tabs to release the two parts of the device.
    Remove the valve cartridge and mouthpiece.
    Place device on top rack of dishwasher or use warm soapy water to soak the device for at least 15 minutes and then rinse.
    Remove excess water by shaking device and place vertically to air dry.

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