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AirLife Nebulizer Heater

Your Price: $414.00
Part Number:2M8021

AirLife Nebulizer Heater, manufactured by Vyaire Medical, is specifically designed to deliver warm aerosol to respiratory patients.

This nebulizer heater is used in combination with an oxygen flowmeter and air entrainment nebulizer. The nebulizer gains its power through the flowmeter, by method of pressurized oxygen, which creates ultra-fine particles to be inhaled during respiratory therapy.

The AirLife Nebulizer Heater warms the water before reaching the aerosol jet in the nebulizer. The heater, additionally, heats the diluted air before it is entrained into the aerosolized stream.

Not only warming the water particles, this nebulizer heater also aids with evaporating additional water in the gas stream.

According to the manufacturer, the actual water output, in both the molecular and particulate form, is considerably greater than in unheated use.

This heater is designed for use only with AirLife nebulizer kits.

If the AirLife Nebulizer Heater does not meet your specific medical needs, check out heater for nebulizer and nebulizer heater here.

Features and Benefits

    Broad range of oxygen dilution.
    Complements AirLife nebulizer kits.

Product Specifications

    Product Number: 2M8021.
    Weight: 1.1 lbs.
    Plastic Housing Material: Polyetherimide.
    Heater Dimensions:
        Width: 2.9 inches.
        Height: 1.5 inches.

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