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Bivona Adult Fome-Cuf Tracheostomy Tube Kits

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Size 6.0 mm - O.D. 8.7 mm - I.D. 6.0 mm - Length 70.0 m Each (+$147.26)
Size 7.0 mm - O.D. 10.0 mm - I.D. 7.0 mm - Length 80.0 mm Each (+$145.28)
Size 8.0 mm - O.D. 11.0 mm - I.D. 8.0 mm - Length 88.0 mm Each (+$147.26)
Size 9.0 mm - O.D. 12.3 mm - I.D. 9.0 mm - Length 98.0 mm Each (+$148.71)
Size 9.5 mm - O.D. 13.3 mm - I.D. 9.5 mm - Length 98.0 mm Each (+$145.28)
Bivona Fome-Cuf Tracheostomy Tubes with Talk Attachment, by Smiths Medical, are designed for ventilator dependent patients to be able to talk with caregivers and family. These tracheostomy tubes are made of soft silicone that will sit comfortably within the trachea. The tip is soft and rounded as to reduce the risk of trauma and irritation. The Fome-Cuf system makes it easy to inflate and deflate the cuff to achieve proper volume measurement, which is helpful to adjust for tracheal wall changes. The Fome-Cuf will come with a Cuff maintenance Device (CMD), which includes a 60mL syringe with an attached 3-way stopcock to measure cuff volume and simplifies routine cuff maintenance.

Each Bivona Fome-Cuf Tracheostomy Tube is packaged individually sterile and comes with an obturator SidePort AutoControl inflation line connector, the CMD cuff inflation controller, a twill trach tie, and a 15mm disconnect wedge.

The Bivona line on Vitality Medical also is offered in another cuffed option with the Bivona Adult TTS trach tubes, and for children the uncuffed Uncuffed Bivona Pediatric trach tubes.

Bivona Fome-Cuf Tracheostomy Tubes with Talk Attachment Features and Benefits

    The silicone is soft and comfortable in the trachea.
    The talk attachment will allow ventilator patients the ability to talk when needed.
    The CMD includes a syringe and stopcock to get achieve proper cuff volume to simplify routine cuff maintenance.
    The trach tube tip is soft and rounded to reduce the chance of tracheal trauma.

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