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Bivona Aire-Cuf Pediatric Tracheostomy Tubes

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Size 2.5mm - O.D. 4.0mm - I.D. 2.5mm - Length 30.0m Each (+$104.30)
Size 3.0mm - O.D. 4.7mm - I.D. 2.5mm - Length 32.0mm Each (+$104.29)
Size 3.5mm - O.D. 5.3mm - I.D. 2.5mm - Length 34.0mm Each (+$104.29)
Size 4.0mm - O.D. 6.0mm - I.D. 4.0mm - Length 36.0mm Each (+$104.29)
Size 4.5mm - O.D. 6.7mm - I.D. 4.5mm - Length 42.0mm Each (+$104.29)
Size 5.0mm - O.D. 7.3mm - I.D. 5.0mm - Length 44.0mm Each (+$104.29)
Size 5.5mm - O.D. 8.0mm - I.D. 5.5mm - Length 46mm Each (+$104.29)
Bivona Aire-Cuf Pediatric Tracheostomy Tubes, by Smiths Medical, have specific features that make the devices both as comfortable as can be for young patients while convenient for the caregiver. The Bivona line integrates silicone into the trach tubes, which is preferred for maximum comfort and flexibility. These tubes feature larger sizes than the pediatric version, the Bivona Aire-Cuf Neonatal Trach Tubes.
The Aire-Cuf pediatric tracheostomy tubes provide a traditional cuff management option. Aire-Cuf tracheostomy tubes are ideal for short-term to medium-term ventilator support. These tubes are flexible and adjustable, with the silicone cuff that is wire reinforced. This type of tube not only delivers the most comfort for such small children, they also give a high level of kink and crush resistance to ensure ventilation safety.

The Bivona Aire-Cuf is packaged sterile and comes with obturator and twill trach tie.

Bivona Aire-Cuf Pediatric Tracheostomy Tubes Features and Benefits

    The silicone remains soft and flexible in the trachea.
    The tubes are ideal for long-term ventilator support for patients requiring PEEP.
    The reinforced tube resists kinking.
    The tubes are ideal for short-term to medium-term ventilator support.

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