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Bivona Laryngectomy Tubes

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Size 9.5 mm - O.D. 12.0 mm - I.D. 9.5 mm - Length 85.0 mm Each (+$163.11)
Size 11.0 mm - O.D. 14.0 mm - I.D. 11.0 mm - Length 55.0 mm Each (+$157.03)
Smiths Medical Bivona Laryngectomy Tubes share what all the tracheostomy tubes in the Bivona line have, which is soft, flexible silicone and internal reinforcement to prevent kinking. These tubes are for inserting into the stoma after a patient endergoes laryngectomy surgery.

Similar to a trach tube, the Bivona Laryngectomy tube will sit within the trachea and provide an artificial airway that allows air to travel from the stoma opening to the lungs. This is a tool that will allow the stoma to stay open while the rest of the surgical incisions heal. For post-op laryngectomy surgery, the tissues surrounding the trachea will need to heal as the larnyx, or voicebox, would have been removed. During that healing time, the Bivona Laryngectomy tube will stay in place.

The advantages to this particular tube is that the silicone remains soft and flexible in the trachea. It also features a wider neck flange for a more secure fit. It will come with neck ties to anchor the tube.

Look to other laryngectomy accessories like the Laryngectomy Cover, which will protect the stoma area while showering.

Features and Benefits

    The tubes are made of soft, flexible silicone for the most comfort.
    The tubes allow the stoma to heal properly post laryngectomy surgery.
    They feature a wider flange for a more secure fit.

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