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Bivona Silicone Mid-Range Aire-Cuf Fixed Neck Flange HyperFlex Extra Length

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Size 6.0 mm - O.D. 9.2 mm - I.D. 6.0 mm - Length 100 mm Each (+$161.14)
Size 7.0 mm - O.D. 10.6 mm - I.D. 7.0 mm - Length 110 mm Each (+$159.91)
Size 8.0 mm - O.D. 11.7 mm - I.D. 8.0 mm - Length 120 mm Each (+$159.91)
Size 9.0 mm - O.D. 12.9 mm - I.D. 9.0 mm - Length 130 mm Each (+$192.32)
he Bivona Mid-Range Aire-Cuf Fixed Neck Flange Hyperflex Tracheostomy Tubes, by Smiths Medical, is a long name for a specific tracheostomy tube with features that help both caregiver and patient. These trach tubes are for those who are on ventillation and whose caregivers need to adjust the cuff size to compensate for changes in the tracheal walls. The Aire-Cuf technology allows a traditional style of managing cuff size.
The Bivona Mid-Range Hyperflex tubes are made of soft silicone, which makes it more comfortable for the patient as it is soft, and flexes gently without kinking. And because of the Hyperflex technology, there are wires safely set into the silicone to reinforce the walls of the trach tube, preventing any possible kinking that may occur. These tubes are available in extra long lengths and wider diameters to provide a more permanent solution for patients. Each of the tubes are in sterile packaging and include a clip-in obturator with hollow tip to allow changing of the tube over guidewire.

The Bivona Air-Cuf FixedNeck Flange is as its name applies with a flange set to one position, yet the tube will stay flexible to adjust for any shifting or moving that takes place. For an adjustable flange Hyperflex Bovina model, look to the Bivona Aire Cuf Adjustable Neck Flange Hyperflex Trach Tubes.

Bivona Mid-Range Aire-Cuf Fixed Neck Flange Hyperflex Features and Benefits

    The Bovina material is constructed of silicone, making it soft, flexible, and more comfortable for the patient.
    The Hyperflex technology makes the tube resistant to kinking or crushing.
    Clip-in obturator with hollow tip allows for changing of tube over a guidewire
    The Air-Cuf design makes it easy to adjust the volume of the cuff.
    Ideal for long-term ventilatory support for patients requiring PEE.

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