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Bivona Uncuffed Pediatric Straight Neck Flange Tracheostomy Tubes

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Size 2.5mm - O.D. 4.0mm - I.D. 2.5mm - Length 55.0mm Each (+$88.57)
Size 3.0mm - O.D. 4.7mm - I.D. 2.5mm - Length 60.0mm Each (+$86.39)
Size 3.5mm - O.D. 5.3mm - I.D. 2.5mm - Length 65.0mm Each (+$86.39)
Size 4.0mm - O.D. 6.0mm - I.D. 4.0mm - Length 70.0mm Each (+$86.39)
Size 4.5mm - O.D. 6.7mm - I.D. 4.5mm - Length 75.0mm Each (+$86.39)
Size 5.0mm - O.D. 7.3mm - I.D. 5.0mm - Length 80.0mm Each (+$86.39)
Size 5.5mm - O.D. 8.0mm - I.D. 5.5mm - Length 85mm Each (+$86.39)
Bivona Uncuffed Pediatric Straight Neck Flange Tracheostomy Tubes, by Smiths Medical, offers many of the features that the Bivona Uncuffed Neonatal Straight Neck Flange Trach Tubes have, except for being larger to accommodate children rather than infants.

The Bivona Uncuffed Pediatric Straight Neck Flange varieties share the same material properties as the other Bivona trach tubes in that they are made of reinforced silicone, which delivers flexibility and softness, as well as being wire reinforced to prevent kinking. The Bivona line of trachs are notably soft because of the silicone construction, which is ideal for young patients. The neck flange is as the title suggests, straight, as opposed to the contoured flange utilized by the Bivona pediatric uncuffed design.

The Bivona trach tubes are packaged sterile and come with an obturator/introducer, a twill trach tie, and a 15mm disconnect wedge.

Look to the Bivona Uncuffed Pediatric Trach Tubes for the same tube that has a contoured flange design.

Bivona Uncuffed Pediatric Straight Neck Flange Tracheostomy Tubes Features and Benefits

    The straight neck flange accommodates children who would not fit well with a contoured flange.
    The silicone remains soft and flexible in the trachea.
    They can be reprocessed up to five times.
    The flexible wire-reinforced silicone shafts are designed to provide enhanced patient comfort and kink resistance.

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