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ChemoPlus Chemo Spill Kit

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Part Number:DP5108K

The ChemoPlus Chemo Spill Kit contains everything you need to protect yourself while safely containing and cleaning chemotherapy drug spills. The correct handling of chemotherapy drug spills and waste is critical to maintaining a safe infusion environment and proper personal protection should always be the first step taken in a thorough chemo spill cleaning procedure. Everything you need to comply with correct PPE protections in contained in the ChemoPlus Chemo Spill kit all in one convenient package.

What’s in the Package?
The Covidien Chemo Spill Kit contains one maximum protection poly-coated blue gown (size xx-large), two pairs of latex-free 8-mil gloves (size medium), one dust and mist respirator mask, one 15-gallon waste bag, one chemo bio-wipe bag, and one pair of goggles. This chemo spill kit has been packaged specifically to comply with OSHA and ASHP guidelines. This kit does not include detergents or cleaning agents.

Appropriate Personal Protection is Critical for Proper Cleaning Procedures
Chemotherapy drug spill kits should always be on-hand anywhere chemotherapy drugs are administered or stored so spills can be contained as soon as possible. The ChemoPlus Kit provides the necessary personal protections all in one compact package and helps ensure that those handling the waste can quickly outfit themselves to handle the spill so the spill is contained and the hazard eliminated as soon as possible. Only after you’re properly protected can you address the spill.

Steps for Correct Chemo Drug Spill Cleaning and Containment
After all PPE precautions have been taken, it’s time to clean and contain the spill. According to the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, a useful way to think about good chemotherapy spill containment is to consider the four C’s. First Clamp the tubing. If you have a pump, turn it off. Next, Contain chemo tubing and containers in a plastic bag, place any contaminated clothing and linens in another plastic bag. If you can’t wash them right away, seal the bag. Now it’s time to Clean up the spill by washing the area with dish soap or laundry detergent and water and put dirty paper towels and cleaning supplies in the plastic bag with the chemo tubing and containers, if the chemo comes into contact with your skin, wash the area with soap and water. Wash your clothing and linens in hot water, don’t wash them with any other items. Take off your gloves. Put them in the bag with the chemo and chemo waste, seal the bag tightly and dispose of the bag in an approved chemotherapy sharps and waste container. Always wash your hands once complete. And finally, if appropriate, call or contact your doctor right away for more instructions.

Features and Benefits

    Compact Kit
    Easy Storage
    Ready When You Need It

Product Specifications

    Manufacturer: Covidien
    Product Numbers: DP5108K
    Kit Contents:
    1 Poly-Coated Blue Gown
    2 Pairs of Latex-free Gloves
    1 Dust/Mist Respirator Mask
    1 15-Gallon Waste Bag
    1 Chemo Bio-Wipe Bag

  • Complete PPE for Chemotherapy Drug and Waste Contact in a Single Prepackaged Kit
  • Included Gown Meets USP, ASHP ONS & NIOSH Recommendations for Chemo Gowns
  • Designed for Safe Fast Clean-up of Chemotherapy Drug Spills
  • OSHA and ASHP Compliant
  • Individually Labeled
  • Disposable
  • Latex-free

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