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Filters for Invacare Oxygen Concentrators

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Grid Casing, Filter Cabinet - 5LX, 5LX02, or 10LX Concentrators Each (+$6.67)
Filter, Cabinet - Platinum 5, 5LX, 5LX02, and 10LX Concentrators Each (+$5.07)
Filter, Sound Inlet - Perfecto 2, Platinum 5 and Platinum 10 Concentrators - Ships Free! Each (+$13.59)
Filter, Cabinet - Perfecto 2 Concentrator Each (+$6.21)
Filter Inlet Assembly, includes Filter, Vent & Cover - SOLO2Each (+$7.47)
Filter, Inlet, Compressor - SOLO2 Concentrator Each (+$14.34)
Filter, Inlet - SOLO2 Concentrator Each (+$5.89)
Filter, Outlet Kit - SOLO2 Concentrator (Includes Outlet Firestop Fitting & O-Ring) Kit (+$38.00)
Filter, Outlet for Platinum Mobile Concentrator Each (+$28.84)
Filter, Bacteria - Invacare 5LX, 5LX02 and 10LX Oxygen Concentrators Each (+$9.85)
Invacare Oxygen Concentrator Filters ensure clean air comes through the portable or home concentrator. Depending on the type of filter, it is recommended by manufacturer to replace it every three months. Always check your user manual to find the specific filter model and how often it needs to be replaced. Here you will find Invacare OEM cabinet filter, inlet filter and outlet filter for the Solo2, Perfecto 2, Platinum and more.

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