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Incentive Triflo II Spirometer

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The Triflo II Inspiratory Exerciser, by Teleflex Medical, is a training device to strengthen breathing muscles. Breathing fitness is especially important for individuals who have lung conditions such as COPD and asthma. It's also used by patients who have undergone abdominal or chest surgery and therefore require post-operative physiotherapy to get their oxygen level up.

The Triflo II does not use medication for breathing therapy. Rather, the patient pushes air through a mouthpiece connected to a unit with three chambers, each containing a color-coded ball with the minimum flow imprinted on the outside of each chamber. As the patient takes deep breaths to push air into the exerciser, it lifts the color-coded balls with an airflow rate of 600 to 1200 cc per second. When all three balls reach the top it means that the patient has reached 1200 cc. The colored balls provides a visual indication of how their breathing muscles are working to incentivize progress through slow sustained maximal inspiration.

Its compact design makes it easy to hold and is preferably done when patient is at rest either lying down or sitting up. The durable break-resistant plastic holds up well and is latex-free.

Features and Benefits:

    Promotes Deep Breathing
    User-Friendly and Easy to Perform
    Color-Coded Balls Provide Visual Cues
    Easy Way to Score Airflow Rate
    Color-Coded Balls Incentivize Deep Breaths
    Exercised Decrease Post-Operative Respiratory Complications
    Drug-Free Respiratory Therapy

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