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Monoject Smart Tip Needleless Vial Access

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Smart Tip Needleless Vial Access Cannula Box of 100 (+$25.23)
12 mL Needleless Vial Access Combination Box of 80 (+$29.67)
3 mL Needleless Vial Access Combination Box of 100 (+$30.35)
6 mL Needleless Vial Access Combination Box of 100 (+$36.44)
The Cardinal Health Monoject Smart Tip Vial Access is a unique tool created out of the dilemma of coring that happens when a needle, instead of separating the vial and creating a resealable entry into the vial, creates a hollow entry - one that tears away at the rubber stopper and slowly chips away at it; creating a hollowed entry over time instead of a resealed entry.

The Monoject Smart Tip Vial Access Cannula is made to work with rubber stoppers usually found on the majority of medication vial containers. It is used to produce a better, saleable, entry into the vial. This procedure helps in drawing from the medication safely kept inside without boring a hole in the rubber stopper, causing a clog in the needle or worse - having pieces of rubber injected into the patient.

Little rubber pieces can get stuck inside needles when the penetration is made through the rubber stopper. To reduce this risk, the vial is specially designed to allow the rubber stopper to seal back up instead of tearing away at the stopper in a manner that damages it greatly and which can allow bacteria and contamination to occur as well as leaks of medication. The uniquely designed tip separates and does not require the use of a needle, the vial access tip it can be connected to a syringe for retrieval. The Monoject Needleless Vial Access Combination includes a fluorescent orange cap to quickly distinguish the tip as a vial access SmarTip device.

Blunt cannulas like the Monoject Blunt Cannula are also available as an option if you find that it may serve your needs better.

Product Features and Benefits

    Specifically Designed to Access Rubber Stopper Medication Vials
    Reduce the Risk of a Percutaneous Tear
    The Tip Separates Instead of Tears
    Florescent Orange Color Helps to Distinguish SmarTip as a Vial Access Device
    Easier Access to Medication in a Vial without Having to Manipulate Cannula
    Reduces Chance of Coring and Particulate Matter Generation
    Plastic Cannula Eliminates Confusion and Misuse as a Hypodermic Needle

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