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Personal Best Flow Meter Asthma Peak Flow Meter

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Part Number: HS755012

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Full Range (60-810 liters/minute) Each (+$14.86)
Full Range (60-810 liters/minute) Pack of 12 (+$210.47)
Low range (50-390 liters/minute) Each (+$13.33)
Low range (50-390 liters/minute) Pack of 12 (+$159.94)
Philips Respironics Personal Best Peak Flow Meter helps asthmatics measure the openness and airflow to ensure the best treatment options. When airways are open, users are able to exhale quickly and with more force, resulting in a higher reading. For best results, peak flow should be measured at a consistent time both morning and evening or as recommended by a healthcare professional. After two to three weeks of testing the breathing, treatment is then based off the personal best number. This could affect treatment with inhalers, nebulizers or other recommended treatments by your doctor.

Respironics Peak Flow Meter with Full Range (Philips HS755012) or Low Range (Philips HS756012) provide highly accurate readings for users needing to test lung capacity. The Low Range Meter typically works best for those with a lower airflow such as young children or elderly users, while the Full Range Meter often works more effectively for teenagers and adults. Whichever range works best, both types are incredibly lightweight and portable, making them easy to use for all ages.

Philips Peak Flow Meter Personal Best has color coded indicators for easy, at-a-glance analysis of breath. The three zones make it easy to determine what treatment should be used based off personal best numbers. The green area allows for regular use of treatment. If the breath falls in the yellow zone, dosages might need to be increased. However, when in the red zone, please seek immediate advice from a medical professional. The peak flow meter should be cleaned once per week to reduce the spreading of germs and can be put on the top shelf of the dishwasher for convenient cleaning.

Product Features and Benefits

    Color-Coded Indicators
    Clean Once Per Week
    Hygienic Mouthpiece
    Easy-Grip Handle
    Dishwasher Safe
    Highly Accurate

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