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Physio-Control DURASENSOR for Nellcor Sp02 DS1100A

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Part Number: 11996-000060
he Physio-Control DURASENSOR for Nellcor Sp02 DS1100A is a reusable oxygen sensor designed to be used with hospital monitoring equipment or defibrillators and other medical equipment. The device is constructed mostly from durable plastic and rubber and high quality wiring that is engineered to stand up to the wear and tear of daily use. The sensor clip area itself is easily cleanable by using disenfectant wipes or similar methods, which makes the whole device easy and safe to reuse. The sensor is built to hold firmly onto the finger or toe of the patient without putting undue pressure or squeezing that could lead to discomfort or pain over time.

Sp02 sensors, or pulse oximeters, work by transmitting light red and infrared light is able to pass through the blood. The sensor analyzes the amount of red light as comparedd to the amount of infrared light that is absorbed and based on this ratio the oxygen saturation of the blood is determined. The connector is designed with the standard 9 pin connector that is compatible with a large number of monitoring devices and other medical devices that make use of Nellcor Sp02 technology. As a correct fit is necessary in order for accurate monitoring, Sp02 sensors come in a few different sizes, such as adult, child, and infant. This model is the adult size and is built to fit most adults who are of an adulty size.

Features & Benefits

  • Quality Components
  • Reusable
  • Easily Cleanable
  • Adult Sized Sp02 Sensor
  • Compatible with Most Monitoring Systems with 9 Pin Connection


  • Manufacturer: Physio-Control
  • Connector: 9 pin
  • Size: Adult
  • Nellcor Technology

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