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Physio-Control Masimo SET Red Direct Connect Sensor

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Part Number: 11996-000331

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12 Foot Adult Sensor - Ships Free! Each (+$512.20)
3 Foot Adult Sensor - Ships Free! Each (+$942.50)
The Physio-Control Masimo SET Red Direct Connect Sensor is a durable, reusable pulse oximeter designed to be used with monitoring equipment or other medical equipment with compatible connectors, such as the Masimo Rad series or Zoll X series devices. The device is constructed from high quality wiring, plastic, and rubber sheathing. Each element of the device is built with durability and reliability in mind. This is a device that can stand up to the demands of sustained daily use. The product is very easy to clean and sanitize. One can use a disinfectant wipe or similar product to quickly and easily wipe down and sanitize the sensor and cord. Because of the ease of cleaning, this device is safe to reuse, which can help to reduce costs by eliminating the need to by a steady supply of disposable sensors. This oximeter clip is designed to grasp firmly onto the patient's finger or toe without clamping painfully or pinching in a way that could cause discomfort.

Sp02 sensors, or pulse oximeters, function by sending red and infrared light through and appendage and determining how much of each is able to pass through the blood. The sensor analyzes the amount of red light that passes through and compares it to the amount of infrared light that is absorbed. The ratio between these two is analyzed to determine the level of oxygen saturation. This version has a 12 foot cord and the connector is compatible with a few different devices from Masimo, Zoll and Physio-Control. Because a correct fit is important in order for accurate monitoring to be possible, Sp02 sensors come in a few different sizes, such as adult, child and infant. This model is the adult size and is built to fit most adults who are of an adulty size.

Features & Benefits

    Reusable Product
    Easily Cleanable
    Quality Components
    Adult Sized Sensor
    Device is Compatible with Many Masimo, Zoll or Physio-Control Devices


    Manufacturer: Physio-Control
    Connector: Masimo Direct Connection
    Size: Adult
    Cord Length: 12 or 3 Feet

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