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Portex Blue Line Suctionaid Trach Tubes

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The Portex Blue Line Ultra Suctionaid Trach Tubes, by Smiths Medical, are another selection of the Portex Ultra line that includes a suction lumen to help keep the upper trach area clear of secretions.

The Suctionaid is the only difference between this trach set and the Portex Blue Line Ultra Cuffed Tracheostomy Tubes. The Suctionaid lumen will clear the trach tube above the cuff. And like the other Blue Line Ultra series, this trach is constructed of a thermosensitive PVC material. The thermosensitive property gives the PVC material to mold and conform to the patient's anatomy when warmed by the patient's body temperature. The Blue Line Ultra trach is rigid initially; It softens after being placed within the trachea reacting to the patient's body heat.
The tube is cuffed and comes with what is called a Soft Seal, which is an ultra soft PVC cuff that is low-pressure and high-volume with a larger cuff resting diameter. The tube is radiopaque to help confirm position. It has clear markings on the pilot balloon for proper cuff inflation. The obturator features a clip design to lower the chance of tube tip movement during insertion. For changing the tube, the kit that comes with the trach has a 'J' tip guidewire to place within the existing tube and the obturator will allow the new tube to be fed over that guidewire for proper placement.

The Portex Blue Line Ultra Suctionaid Trach Tube includes the main trach tube with suction lumen, two inner cannulas, a cleaning brush and tube holder.

Portex Blue Line Ultra Suctionaid Trach Tubes Features and Benefits

    The trach tube comes with a suction lumen to clear secretions from the trach tube above the cuff.
    The tubes are thermosensitive and conform to a patient's anatomy.
    The tubes are initially rigid to help insertion.
    The cuff is especially soft to reduce incidence of trauma and eases insertion.
    The tube is radiopaque to help confirm position.

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