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Portex Cuffed Fenestrated DIC Tracheostomy Tubes

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ID 6.0mm - OD 8.5mm - Length 64mm - Orange Each (+$39.93)
ID 7.0mm - OD 9.9mm - Length 70.0mm - Green Each (+$39.93)
ID 8.0mm - OD 11.3mm - Length 73.0mm - White Each (+$39.93)
ID 9.0mm - OD 12.6mm - Length 79.0mm - Blue Each (+$39.93)
ID 10.0mm - OD 14.0mm - Length 79.0mm - Yellow Each (+$46.07)
Portex Cuffed DIC Fenestrated Tracheostomy Tubes, by Smiths Medical, are designed with a disposable inner cannula. This tracheostomy tube will allow the patient to breathe through the fenestration and is good for those transitioning from ventilation to unassisted breathing. This Portex design includes a one-piece outer tube that comes with a 15mm ISO termination and is made as part of the tube. The disposable inner cannula allows for easy removal of mucus build-up and helps reduce the possibility of post-procedural infection.

And like the fenestrated disposable inner cannula Portex tube, these cuffed trach tubes have color-coded inner cannula that correspond to the inner diameter measurements. These come with a soft, pliable flange for patient comfort and to help the caregiver view the stoma site for cleaning. The Portex Cuffed Fenestrated Trach tube comes with an abturator, a Velcro trach tube holder, a color-coded inner cannula, and a decannulation cap.

For another Portex line of cuffed trach tubes, look to the Sims Portex Cuffed DIC Trach Tube that is unfenestrated.

Portex Cuffed Fenestrated Tracheostomy Tubes Features and Benefits

    The tube is designed with a one-piece outer tube that comes with 15mm ISO termination as part of the tube.
    The inner cannula is color-coded for correct size.
    Patients can be ventilated with or without the inner cannula in place.
    The tube flange is soft and pliable to allow the caregiver a good view of the stoma site and is more comfortable for the patient.
    The fenestration helps patients transition from ventilator to unassisted breathing.

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