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Provox Brush - 7204- Cleaning Brush for 4-1/2-10 mm Voice Prosthesis

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Part Number:7204

Atos Medical Provox Brush 7204 is specifically designed to properly clean a 4.5 - 10 mm voice prosthesis for individuals with a tracheostomy. The prosthesis is an artificial device inserted into the stoma to restore speaking production when the voice box has been removed. The bristles clear any buildup that lands in the lumen and valve of a prosthesis like a tracheostomy speaking valve. This maintains clearer sound and functionality of the voice prosthesis as well as longevity of the device.

Provox Cleaning Brush for Voice Prosthesis is created with intentional wings to ensure the brush doesn't fall through the prosthesis and stoma while in use. The head of the bristles will also bend to adapt to any angle needed to assist with cleaning. After each use, clean the brush with sterile water and disinfect daily with an Isopropyl 70 percent solution to prevent respiratory infection.

Features and Benefits

    Bends for Individual Adaptation
    Designed to Clean Lumen and Valve of Voice Prosthesis
    Wings Prevent Accidental Aspriration of Cleaning Brush
    Easy to Use
    Keeps Tracheostomy Voice Prosthesis Clean
    Extends the Life of the Prosthesis
    Cleanable, Reusable

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