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Reusable Pulse Oximeter Finger/Toe Sensors Youth

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Part Number: 16-2350

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Finger/Toe Sensor Each (+$145.00)
Finger/Toe Sensor Case of 10 (+$1,415.00)
Finger Sensor Each (+$145.00)
Finger Sensor Case of 10 (+$1,415.00)
Finger Sensor Each (+$145.00)
Finger Sensor Case of 10 (+$1,415.00)

Pulse oximeter sensors can quickly and easily measure a patient's oxygen levels and heart rate before seeing a doctor.

The Pulse Oximeter Finger Sensor and Finger/Toe Sensor by McKesson was made for quick and easy readings, allowing medical professionals to gather information before seeing the patient. Three foot cables allows for easy access in any part of the room and the reusable finger clip offers quick and easy reading without any pain. The oximeter can handle pediatric patients weighing over 22 pounds (10 kilograms) and is compatible with the Pediatric Pulse Oximeter with Alarm. Multiple reading sites allows for easy access to the finger or toe of younger patients. The product is also latex free.

Pediatric Pulse Oximeter Finger and Finger/Toe Sensor Features and Benefits

  • Quickly and Easily Measures Blood Oxygen and Heart Rate
  • Finger Clip Attaches Gently for Pain Free Experience
  • Finger/Toe Sensor Offers Multiple Sites for Readings
  • Three-Foot Cables for Easy Access
  • Latex Free for Allergy Free Experience
  • Gentle Clip On for Pain Free Experience

Pediatric Pulse Oximeter Finger Sensor Specifications

  • Manufacturer: McKesson
  • Manufacturer Numbers
    • 16-2350
    • 16-2356
    • 16-2358
  • Securing Method: Clip On
  • Ideal Sites
    • Index Finger
    • Big Toe
  • Weight Range: Over 22 Pounds (10 Kilograms)
  • Usage: Reusable
  • Age Range: 3-12 Years

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