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Salter Labs Three Channel Oxygen Supply Tubing

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Part Number: 2001-1-50

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1 Foot Case of 50 (+$19.92)
7 foot Each (+$0.28)
7 foot Case of 50 (+$13.40)
7 Foot, Green Each (+$0.41)
7 Foot, Green Case of 50 (+$18.48)
4 Foot Case of 50 (+$18.62)
25 foot Each (+$1.83)
25 foot Case of 25 (+$48.65)
50 foot Each (+$3.40)
50 foot Case of 20 (+$68.81)
Salter Labs Three-Channel Oxygen Supply Tubing prevents the tubing from becoming occluded or interupted for increased safety during oxygen therapy. Three-channel safety oxygen tubing is especially important for home use when user prefers longer lengths that can potentially kink. The vinyl tubing construction does not have memory and will remain straight, even after being uncoiled. There are clear and green tubing options.

Salter Labs Three-Channel O2 Tubing is available in 1-foot, 4-foot, 7-foot, 25 foot and 50-foot lengths in clear tubing. Green tubing 7-foot (Salter Labs 2002G-7-50) may be preferred to help user locate tubing easier.

If you are in the market for a higher flow with six-channel tubing you may want to check out Adult Nasal Cannulas by Sunset Healthcare.

Features and Benefits

    Adds Safety with 3-Channel Oxygen Supply
    Design Prevents Interruption of Oxygen
    Variety of Length Options
    Vinyl Construction Doesn't Retain Memory

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