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Salter Style Infant Oxygen Cannula w/ 7 Ft Tubing

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Part Number: 1601-7-50

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The Salter Labs 1601-7-50 Oxygen Cannula for Infants with 3 Channel Tubing is able to maintain a constant flow of oxygen for our smaller patients with many of the same benefits as the adult size tubing such as the ones of High Flow Cannula for Adults.

The cannula is recommended for use with infants as the size of the mask is able to cover gaps around the chin and cheeks to prevent the loss of oxygen. We want your little patient to get well soon, and quickly too. This can be achieved with the correct size of the mask to make sure the infant gets all of the oxygen to help them recover. The nasal cannula features an over-the-ear design to prevent the cannula from coming off by tossing and turning. The over-the-ear design is traditional in most cannulas for convenient reasons. When the cannula is placed on, it can be worn while sleeping without falling off; thanks to this design.

For patients using oxygen therapy, the cannula can support a rate of up to 3 litters per minute - your doctor will be the one to set the indicated rate depending on the needs of the infant. With a curved, non-flared tip, a comfortable design helps keep the cannula inserted for longer without irritations to the nostrils.

An included 3-channel tubing safety design keeps the flow of oxygen to the up-most rate, meaning if there is a clog or backing into the cannula, it will not prevent the flow of oxygen and always be constant. The 7-foot tubing that comes with the cannula is of decent length. If for any reason you are needing a longer oxygen tube, we do offer other options. One thing to mention is the oxygen cannula is not made with natural rubber latex to be used with many small patients.

Product Features and Benefits

    Infant Size Fits Best for Smaller Patients
    Nasal Cannula, Over the Ear Style
    Standard Cannula Connector
    Curved, Non-Flared Tips
    3 Litters Per Minute, Micro Flow
    7 Foot Tubing
    Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

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