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Sunset Adult Nasal Cannula

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Part Number:RES1107

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High Flow, RES1107HFV 7 Foot - Case of 50 (+$21.70)
High Flow, RES1107HFV 7 Foot, High Flow - Each (+$3.06)
High Flow, RES1107HFV 7 Foot, High Flow - Case of 25 (+$54.86)
High Flow, RES1107HFV 7 Foot, Soft - Case of 50 (+$29.73)
Sunset Adult Cannula with 7 Ft Supply Tube comes in three varieties of Nasal Cannulas depending on your needs. All of Sunset's oxygen nasal cannulas are tested for safety and comfort. The 7 foot oxygen tubes are made with a 6-channel kink-free material to ensure safe, continuous airflow. The material is soft and memory-free to keep up with extended use. The nasal prongs are curved for comfort.

When needing 6-15 liters per minute, the green Sunset Adult High Flow Cannula with 7 Ft Supply Tube offers the flow you need and maintains saturation without a mask. Oxygen patients who find cannulas to be bothersome and uncomfortable may opt for the RES1107S Sunset Soft Cannula with 7 ft Supply Tube. This creates an less friction with enhanced softness by reducing the amount of pressure applied to the nasal region during oxygen therapy.

If you need additional tubing without cannula, Sunset Healthcare Solutions also manufactures Oxygen Tubing in 7, 25 and 50 feet.

Features and Benefits

    Kink-Free, 6-Channel Tubing
    Long-Lasting, Memory-Free Tubing
    Proven Performance
    High Flow Option
    Soft Cannula Option Reduces Friction and Pressure

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