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Tender Grip Cannula Tubing Holder

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Part Number: 1005-0-25
The Salter Labs Tender Grips Skin Fixation System is a helpful piece of adhesive that attaches to the skin around the cheeks to hold in place tubes from devices like oxygen concentrators. The tender grips is the small tool that you just don't know how much you need it until you have it. The ability to hold in place your cannula or tube without having to adjust it every so often is gold to those that have dealt with or have to deal with constantly adjusting the oxygen tubing.

The Salter Labs 1005-0-25 Tender Grip Tubing Holder will not fall off from its position because of heat or humidity, the tender grips are easy to place and hold on to the shape of your facial structure. If you must adjust the tubes into a new position, you can remove the adhesives again and place it in the proper area and will not lose its adhering ability - considerable within constant use. The tender grips are made of a soft flexible material not made with natural rubber latex for users who may be sensitive to latex based products.
The Salter Labs Adult Tender Grips for Oxygen Tubes are sized appropriately for use with adults and younger patients. Providing a comfortable experience in an already uncomfortable situation for those involved.

Product Features and Benefits

    Securely Holds Oxygen Tubes in Place
    Permeable to Heat and Humidity
    Contours to the Skin
    For All To Use
    Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

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