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The Breather 1.1 Respiratory Trainer

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The Breather Respiratory Muscle Trainer, by PN Medical, is an effective, economical hand-held respiratory training device, designed to strengthen both the inspiratory and expiratory muscles via a method of resistance similar to that of weight training. The respiratory breathing/strength training device, The Breather, is an effective tool to teach diaphragmatic breathing for strong breath support, which is essential for coordination of speaking, swallowing and coughing.

The Breather may be a beneficial choice for those interested in developing strength and endurance for their respiratory muscles. Like other muscles, respiratory muscles can weaken as a result of prolonged illness, aging, and neuromuscular diseases. Inspiratory resistance, in turn, can strengthen the diaphragm and the external intercostal muscles (the accessory breathing muscles surrounding the ribs) and the accessory muscles of the neck. Likewise, exhalation resistance can strengthen and tone the internal intercostals and abdominal muscles, as well as mimicking the act of pursed lip breathing, which is helps to safeguard against trapping air in the lungs during training. It may also help clear mucus in the airways, making breathing smoother.

Vitality Medical also carries other breathing exercise devices, such as Breathing Booster Lung Exerciser and Powerlung Breathing Exercisers.

Product Features and Benefits:

    Clears Airways.
    Minimizes Congestion.
    Use With Mouth Piece or Mask.
    Reduces the Sensation of Dyspnea.
    Easily Tolerated for Post-Op Patients.
    Enhances breathing from the diaphragm.
    Improved blood flow throughout the body.
    Promotes deeper and higher quality breath.
    Assists in Teaching Diapragmatic Breathing.
    Safer swallowing with better breath support.
    Increased ability to breath around vocal chords.
    Increases strength in muscles required for breathing in and out.
    Strengthens muscles needed for coughing and clearing airways.
    Variable Inspiratory/Expiratory Resistances Via Two One-Way Valves.

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