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Uni-Flo2 Nasal Cannula

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The Uni-Flo2 Nasal Cannula is half the weight of a normal cannula and is designed to reduce skin contact by half. The cannula can be worn discretely on either side of the face and has a memory stabilization system that allows the tubing to be contoured to any face shape. Multiple strain relief points are included to reduce tube tugging and ensure the flow of oxygen. The one-sided design of the Uni-Flo2 looks good and makes it much less obvious that the individual is receiving supplemental oxygen. It delivers the same amount of oxygen but takes up half of the space with no cumbersome noose at the neck. The ergonomic design of the cannula itself fits securely inside the nostril, ensuring consistent oxygen flow both day and night. You will love the discrete, lightweight design of the Uni-Flo2.

Uni-flo2 Cannula Features and Benefits

  • Increase Dignity and Confidence
  • Vortex design increases oxygen uptake
  • Memory tube provides stable and comfortable fit for all patients
  • 50 percent less plastic, causes fewer sores
  • Does not constrict neck and throat
  • Low profile design
  • Single-prong cannula reduces irritation
  • Reduces amount of medical-grade plastic that comes in contact with skin
  • No noose at neck
  • Delivers oxygen at 1-6 LMP
  • Delivers same amount of oxygen in half the space
  • Can be worn on either side, interchangeable between nostrils
  • Ergonomic design ensures ease of use and secures cannula in the nostril
  • Cosmetically more appealing than two-prong cannulas
  • No need to remove to eat or drink
  • Guidance Stabilization Systems adjusts to all facial contours
  • Multiple strain relief points that allows for continuous flow day and night

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