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CPR Microshield Mouth Barrier - MDI/Microtek

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The MDI CPR Microshield is a mouth barrier to prevent cross-contamination when performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. This Personal Protective Equipment is used during CPR (artificial compressions, airway, and breathing) to protect a rescuer by providing an ultra-thin barrier at the patient's mouth. It is compact and comes in a small orange package to be easy to locate in an emergency. It's placed where it can be readily available in an emergency such as an automobile glove box, first aid kit, or purse.

The CPR Microshield Keychain is another option to have the protection in a convenient keychain for ultimate safekeeping and accessibility.

The MDI Microshield features a flexible and clear surface area with a 1-3/4-inch slim ventilator tube that's inserted into the patient's mouth. This protects the rescuer from any contact with the patient's saliva, blood, and vomit. The ventilator tube's one-way safety valve design prevents backflow during resuscitation. A clear view of the patient's face also helps the rescuer keep an eye on the patient's lip color.

How to Use the CPR Microshield

  • Insert the CPR Microshield Clear Mouth Barrier into the patient's mouth with the airway tunnel side entering the mouth. (Figure A)
  • Use one hand to place the fingers under the shield while using the other hand to pinch the patient's nasal passage to block air. (Figure B)
  • Create a head tilt with chin-lift to open up the airway.
  • The shield will protect the patient to safely form a seal around the patient's mouth using the CPR ventilation approved techniques

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