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FreeStyle LibreLink*-Reader

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FreeStyle LibreLink Reader
With every painless1 scan, the FreeStyle Libre reader displays the current glucose reading, the latest 8 hours of continuous glucose data and a trend arrow? showing if glucose levels are going up down or changing slowly.Additionally, it also presents a range of reports to allow you to easily interpret your data and help make more informed management decisions.Trend arrows? make it easy to spot ups, downs and night-time lows and see which way and how quickly glucose levels are changing.The ability to scan as many times as you like allows you to better understand the impact of actions like food, exercise and insulin on glucose levels. Furthermore, you can also set customisable reminders and alerts with sound or vibration, and add your own notes to help interpret your data.

FreeStyle LibreLink. Available for iphone and Android2. Many of the same features of your FreeStyle Libre reader on your phone.1 The FreeStyle LibreLink app is approved for use with the FreeStyle Libre Sensor. Now you can monitor your glucose on your phone without routine fingerpricks.With the LibreLinkUp† app, get glucose readings sent to your iPhone®,† from family and friends who invite you to connect from the Freestyle LibreLink* App. The LibreLinkUp† app allows up to 20 people to remotely track your glucose data and trends from their iPhone®



Unlike traditional blood glucose monitoring, using the FreeStyle Libre sensor does not involve routine finger pricks. Additionally, the FreeStyle Libre sensor is made by a process which means the sensitivity of the sensors vary very little. This means that is calibrated at the factory - so you don’t need to calibrate it again using a finger prick.1, It continuously measures the glucose concentration in your interstitial fluid, and stores 8 hours of data. The FreeStyle Libre Sensor can be worn for up to 14 days whilst you shower, bathe, swim?, exercise or play.

You can take as many glucose readings as you want whilst the sensor is being worn – it even scans through clothes Due to the sensor storing the latest 8 hours of continuous data, you only need a minimum of three scans per day to obtain a full glycaemic profilef - enabling you to make more informed decisions about your diabetes management.

--FreeSytle LibreLink App information Click Here
very FreeStyle LibreLink* scan is automatically sent to your loved one’s iPhone®,† when sharing§ is enabled. Allow up to 20 people to view results from a single FreeStyle LibreLink* account, with the new LibreLinkUp app.
  • Step 1: Download FreeStyle LibreLink*
  • Step 2: Register on the app with LibreView
  • Step 3: Scan the sensor
  • Step 4: Share readings§

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