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Philips NightBalance Lunoa

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NightBalance Luona
Fall asleep in any position. Stay asleep on your side with Philips NightBalance, mask-free, vibrational positional sleep apnea therapy. Designed for comfort and quiet, the palm-sized chest sensor delivers gentle vibrations that prompt you to shift off of your back throughout the night-without disturbing your sleep.

Not all sleep apnea is the same. Many people with obstructive sleep apnea may have what's called positional obstructive sleep apnea (POSA). This is when twice as many breathing disruptions (two times the AHI) happen when you're on your back as when you're on your side. Your doctor can tell if you have this kind of sleep apnea as part of your sleep study."

Some people who can't tolerate PAP treatment may be a candidate for a positional therapy device, which doesn't use a mask. Talk to your doctor. Philips NightBalance is worn comfortably across the chest and uses gentle vibrations to encourage you to turn on your side, without disturbing your sleep.

Your therapy begins with 2-nights of monitoring. On the third night, the Philips NightBalance slowly starts to introduce quiet, mild vibrations that encourages your body to change position. The small device is compact, discreet and easy to wear under any nightclothes. Its quiet vibrations are designed to help you sleep in a healthy position. "

  • Comfortable and clinically proven alternative to CPAP for positional obstructive sleep apnea patients
  • NightBalance technology delivers gentle vibrations to prompt to move off of your back without disturbing your sleep
  • No mask needed; quiet, small, lightweight, easy to use and worn in a soft belt around your chest
  • FSA and HSA eligible

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