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ResMed S9 VPAP™ S Bilevel w/H5i™ and ClimateLine™ Tube

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Part Number:36024
  • Features

    • Quiet Operation – ResMed offers the quietest device motor currently available
    • Fully Integrated H5i Humidifier with Climate Control and ClimateLine Heated Tubing - Small, compact machine design that includes a full humidifier with automated water heating based on room temperature and humidity levels
    • Improved Easy-Breathe Waveform Technology – Built to work with your own respiratory patterns, not against them
    • Enhanced Rise Time Features – As you fall asleep, your pressures are gradually increased to allow for a slower ramp to prescribed pressure
    • Vsync Technology – Leak compensation to ensure that you receive the right pressures, despite mask leaks that may happen
    • Advanced Data Recording and Management – Various measurements and formulas to determine how successful your therapy is. Records both compliance and efficacy data
    • User Friendly Design – Easy-to-use menu and sleek, sophisticated design
    • Optional Equipment Integration – Have your usage monitored wirelessly, or connect a pulse oximeter for full data recording integration of your pulse and oxygen levels
    Get the complete package with the ResMed S9 VPAP™ S Bi-Level with H5i Humidifier and ClimateLine™ Tubing. The compliance data management system, ClimateLine™ Tubing, quiet operating motor, Easy-Breathe feature and much more within the framework of a stylish unit ensure sleep apnea therapy is at its best. 

    The ResMed S9 VPAP™ S Bi-Level motor has been engineered for a much quieter operation which translates into a better night’s sleep for the user as well as the bed partner. The sound traveling down through the tubing and mask will be less noticeable or completely undetectable with the new motor. The new motor technology has been improved through much research and enhancements over the predecessor to the ResMed S9 VPAP™ S Bi-Level. 

    For many years, CPAP and BiLevel users have struggled with water condensation in tubing as well as masks. ResMed has tackled the condensation problems with the introduction of the ClimateLine™ Humidification System offered on the ResMed S9 VPAP™ S Bi-Level unit. Stop the water buildup with the ClimateLine ™ Tubing system and enjoy the comfort of smooth compliant therapy without all the interruptions. The ClimateLine™ system has an automated feature that can determine the room temperature thereby adjusting the water temperature to ensure the room temperature and tubing temperature aren’t working against one another. ResMed has developed the very best temperature control system for users looking for the comfort without losing the advanced technology and compliance. 

    Easy-Breathe EPR is ResMed’s answer for users experiencing difficulties when inhaling or exhaling. The ResMed S9 CPAP™ S Bi-Level unit comes equipped with Easy-Breathe EPR so every patient will benefit from this technology. Smooth and easy breathing is possible with Easy-Breathe EPR because this feature traces natural breathing patterns and adapts intuitively to the patient’s cycles of breaths. The natural breathing patterns of the user will not be interrupted because the transitions are completely in sync with the user’s exhalation and inhalation. 

    * PLEASE NOTE: ALWAYS drain your water chamber completely when transporting or moving your machine. 

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