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SleepNet MiniMe Petite Nasal CPAP Mask & Headgear

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Part Number:TMS-800X

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  • Now with a clear gel cushion
  • Approved by the FDA for pediatric use.
  • A swivel tubing connector that quietly diffuses exhaled carbon dioxide.
  • The mask is specifically designed for Pediatric and Adolescent use.
  • Compatible with all devices (CPAP, BiPAP, and APAP).
  • Three size choices in mask headgear to ensure best sizing for every patient.
Recognized by the FDA for Pediatric use the SleepNet MiniMe Nasal CPAP Mask is designed exactly like the SleepNet IQ Nasal Mask, but is the Petite or Pediatric size for individuals with smaller noses and faces. This mask is often used for pediatrics, including babies, toddlers and children. You MUST have an extremely small face and head to use this mask. The actual nose cushion is the same size however you must choose your headgear size from the drop down box. The SleepNet MiniMe CPAP mask with small headgear is not recommended for any adult. Generally, extremely petite individuals will still wear a LARGE size headgear. 

If you have had difficulty finding a mask to fit a tiny nose, the MiniMe Nasal Mask may be the solution for you. Like its predecessor, the IQ, the MiniMe Nasal Mask features a pliable shell that allows the mask to be reshaped instantly. The soft blue gel cushion reduces irritation and leakage that is commonly associated with other nasal CPAP masks. 

With the ever growing population of Pediatric and Adolescent CPAP users, the SleepNet MiniMe gives you another option for you or your child's therapy. This CPAP mask is excellent for lower pressure patients, often found in child CPAP therapy. The uniquely designed headgear securely fastens the MiniMe CPAP mask to ensure maximum comfort and stability. 

Please choose a headgear size option when ordering (mask can be customized to fit PETITE or PEDIATRIC sizes). Sizes available are:
TMS-8004 - MiniMe with SMALL Headgear
TMS-8003 - MiniMe with MEDIUM Headgear
TMS-8002 - MiniMe with LARGE Headgear

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