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SleepWeaver Advance Soft Cloth Nasal CPAP Mask and Headgear with Improved Zzzephyr Seal

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  • New and Improved Zzzephyr Seal
  • One size fits most
  • Available in multiple colors
  • No need for excessive tension in the headgear straps.
  • The mask will operate properly with minimal risk of being dislodged when pressed against a pillow.
  • The first and only cloth CPAP mask.
  • Evenly dispersed exhalation air/carbon dioxide.
The SleepWeaver Advance Soft Cloth CPAP Mask is a soft all cloth mask that uses the properties of a balloon to achieve a good seal and quiet operation. Improved Zzzephyr Seal ensure a better fit and seal with the new shape cushion that adapts to a larger range of facial features. Like a balloon, the SleepWeaver inflates when you turn your CPAP machine on to create a secure seal. Venting is through a series of small holes located in the center of the CPAP mask. 

The Mask

Soft is just the first word to describe this incredible mask. Every part of the SleepWeaver that touches your skin is made of soft cloth, eliminating the frustration of hard plastic masks. The cloth is a breathable woven material pliable for a great fit and feel that keeps the skin dry.

The Headgear

The headgear is a 3-point connection unlike most traditional mask which translated into less work and less invasive therapy. the straps are adjustable to fit any head size with 4 inches of adjusting room for the perfect fit. The headgear and forehead material is formulated to move moisture away from the skin therefore leaving the skin dry for a more comfortable night of therapy. 

This mask is excellent for both low and higher pressures, and can used with both CPAP and BiPAP therapy. This mask also prevents all pressure points on the face that can be a common problem with traditional CPAP mask. To learn more about this alternative mask, view the video on the Resources tab. 

Please select a color when ordering. Colors available are:  

100274 - Blue
100332 - Beige
100277 - Pink
100281 - Camoflage
100285 - Leopard

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