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Universal Suction Machine Tubing Canister and Filter Replacement Kit Each

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Part Number:22330
Universal Suction Machine Tubing Canister and Filter Replacement Kit  Each

Suction tubing is common among various respiratory accessories and is always in demand for those who need to clear away body fluids and keep a safe and sterile environment. Finding one that is durable, efficient, and easy to use is the ultimate aim for most users. The Universal Suction Tubing and Filter Replacement Kit, by Drive Medical, provides that convenience and offers the optional canister for clean-up and storage.

The kit comes with a 72 inch suction catheter tube that will attach to the suction pump. The kit also includes a Universal Blue Tip Connector (Model: SUCP TUBING 72) and a 10 inch suction tube with Universal Blue Tip Connector (Model: SUCP TUBING 10) and one Hydrophobic Filter (Model: 18600-FILTER).

If opted to include the canister, it will provide a resource for storing the fluids. The canister will come with all the needed attachments to assemble the collection, including a 10 inch tubing, elbow connector, 72 inch suction tubing, and a hydrophobic filter. The canister holds 800 cubic centimeters of fluid.

This kit is ideal for tracheostomy suction where fluids like mucus and saliva can be cleared away quickly to limit spread of germs and to prevent the chance of airway blockage.

Universal Suction Machine Tubing and Filter Replacement Kit

    The kit includes one hydrophobic suction filter, flexible suction tubing, a 72 inch suction tubing with blue tip, and a suction connection elbow.
    The new and improved tubing and filter kit now has a universal connection elbow that directly attaches the canister to the filter.
    The new elbow is labeled 'Filter' on one side to facilitate easy assembly.
    The new soft and flexible elbow material is universal and will fit all suction canisters.
    The kit eliminates the need to use one piece of tubing from the elbow to the filter, and yet another from the filter to the suction machine.

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