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Dynamo Prime Stick Cane

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Part Number:Dynamo Prime Stick Cane
Product details TRY IT! Don’t take our word for how great the DYNAMO Prime Stick is, find out for yourself. Experience Better Balance, Posture & Mobility - Lightweight, Convenient, Adjustable Walking Cane for Seniors, Men & Women - Perfect for Hiking, Walking & Trekking This versatile cane/walking stick/trekking pole equally at home on city streets or hiking trails; combines agility, reliability, mobility, balance — and freedom to the max! For starters, prime stick’s patented cyclone foot covers 2 to 3 times more surface area than a standard cane tip; the cyclone’s tread design was based on high-performance race car tires: the result of increased surface area and exceptional tread: incredible grip for maximum traction even in wet, wild, or windy weather: the strong (yet lightweight) aluminum post unlocks with a simple twist of the wrist. It extends up to a fits-everybody height of 56 inches for added leverage when trekking or exercising; twist to re-lock, and prime stick is ready to go! Black w/ Green highlights ADJUSTABLE WALKING CANE FOR SAFETY AND COMFORTABLE MOBILITY: Designed to provide optimal comfort and stability with its adjustable height feature, ranging from 34" to 56". Its foam-covered grip ensures a comfortable and easy adjustment. It promotes better posture and reduces back strain. Ideal for indoor and outdoor making it perfect for appointments, shopping trips, strolls, hiking and walking activities that require balance. ALL-WEATHER ALL-TERRAIN WALKING CANE: The Prime Stick's Cyclone Tip base has grippy, open, and flexible channels that offer excellent traction on any terrain and in any weather condition, ensuring surface contact and stability. Its top-to-bottom foam covering allows for a comfortable grip anywhere along the post, making it suitable for men, women and seniors. This walking stick with flex channels provides ultimate stability and balance during hiking and walking. LIGHTWEIGHT AND STRONG SUPPORT:Crafted with an aluminum frame, the Dynamo Prime Stick Cane is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 1LB, which is less than the weight of a typical glass of water. Despite its lightness, the cane can endure up to 150 pounds of pressure on both its grip and shaft. It is highly recommended for men, women seeking improved balance, posture, and mobility, especially seniors. 3-in-1 URBAN WALKING STICK: This versatile urban walking stick can function as a cane, walking stick, or trekking pole, making it an ideal all-in-one tool for a variety of outdoor activities. With all the features you could ever need in a walking aid, this beautifully designed stick is sure to become your go-to trail buddy for walking, hiking, or trekking. WALK WITH CONFIDENCE ANYWHERE: Excellent choice for seniors, men, and women seeking a lightweight walking cane that offers enhanced balance, posture, and mobility, even when hiking. the Prime Stick comes with foam coverage and is adjustable from 34" to 56" with ease making it highly versatile. It promotes better posture, encouraging users to stand up straight, and it's perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The Dynamo Prime Stick Walking Cane is an ideal companion to have by your side. VERTICAL GRIP WITH BONUS TETHER – the vertical grip is made of soft foam that is very comfortable and has a wide adjustable tether to make your walks even more pleasant. ANYWHERE GRIP – This foam covers your cane from top to bottom allowing you to grip it anywhere you need to, to get the job done. Be creative!

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